Welcome to our New Online Paint Store

December 24, 2019 2 min read

A macbook, iMac and iPad all showing screenshots of the Cincinnati Color Company website.

Cincinnati Color has always been a paint and coatings company that is “in business for your business.” Having just celebrated our 90th year, our family-owned business continues to put the needs of busy customers first by launching an online store that allows contractors, company owners and homeowners to buy paint whenever and wherever they need it. 

“Time is money for most, if not all, of our customers,” says Doug Deifel, President and the third-generation owner of Cincinnati Color. “That’s why we’ve introduced a way for them to conveniently shop for color or to quickly re-order paint and coatings products from us – no matter their location and at any time of day or night.”

Our brand new website (cincinnaticolor.com) gives customers 24/7 access to Cincinnati Color’s vast inventory of paint products as well as our seemingly-endless color library. Once check-out is complete, the customer can select a date for pickup at the location of their choice. If they’re stuck at the job site, in a meeting with a client, or simply prefer not to leave the comfort of home or office, delivery can also be arranged.

“We live in a digital age that has changed consumers’ buying habits and their expectations for instant response, faster technology and around-the-clock availability – and we believe it’s necessary to adapt in order to continue meeting customers’ needs,” Deifel says.

“This new online system is an extension of the family business that has been part of the community since 1929. It isn’t replacing our promise of a personal, in-store experience or the decades of expertise and trusted advice we offer with everything we sell – it’s simply enhancing what is already an exceptional level of service.

“It’s our way of saying to the customer – we know you’re pressed for time but we’re here to help – after all, we’re in business for your business.”

Shop our selection of PaintsSuppliesSpray Equipment and more! Contact us for more information, or visit us at one of our two locations in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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