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“Paint is paint.”

No, paint is NOT paint. Well it is.. but the quality of paint depends on the amount of key raw materials in the product. Most people feel that the amount of “solids” in the paint determine the quality. If you can make the paint paddle stand up straight in your paint, then it’s generally considered to have a lot of solids to it and most people feel that makes it good quality.

The fact is, solids don’t really have a lot to do with the overall quality of the paint. You can use thickener in water and accomplish the same thing!
There are Four major components of paint that affect the performance and your price.

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is the pigment that gives paint the “wet” hiding power as it’s being applied. The higher the level, the more the paint will cover and finish the job faster.

Binder/Resin is the ingredient that gives paint it’s durability and adhesion. Good color and gloss retention is the result of higher levels in the paint.

The Additive part of the paint can make or break your quality. Good products have to have the right amount of additives to give you the best performance.

And last but not least, the water or solvents part of paint is what evaporates as the film dries.
So Solids = Good Paint?
In a paint product solids are only important when the raw materials that make up the solids are known. Many companies will use inexpensive extender pigments to provide filling and body for the paint product. Solids do not translate into good coverage, durability or anything else, unless you know what makes up the solids in the paint. Because only then can you make an accurate assessment of the quality or value you receive for the price you pay! So don’t fall for the advertising…. Now you know.


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