5" DEROS 550X CV 125MM Vacuum Orbit

MID55020CAUS, Mirka 5" DEROS 550X CV 125mm Vacuum Orbit 5,0 Case US

MIRKA® DEROS 550X CV is the first ever electric sanding machine with a brushless motor and no external power supply. The mains voltage is 100V - 120V. It is also the lightest electric machine on the market. MIRKA® DEROS 550X CV has a soft start function, a built in electronic motor brake and a smooth, easy to operate lever to control motor speed. Thanks to its high efficiency brushless motor, the MIRKA® DEROS 550X CV also has a plenty of power to get the job done quickly. Its performance is comparable to a conventional 500W electric machine and that ensures it maintains a constant speed even under heavy load. The unique symmetrical design makes it just as comfortable whether it’s being used in the left hand or the right hand and the longer body provides the option of a two-hand grip. MIRKA® DEROS 550X CV is delivered in a high quality plastic case.

Technical Features:

Variable speed control with lever, for an optimal control when working
Separate on/off switch, for easy and safe handling
Patented motor controller
Brushless motor, no need to change brushes, less down time
Constant speed under load, no loss in efficiency under heavy pressure
Soft start of motor, protects the surface
Continuous temperature monitoring in the motor and the controller card, prolongs the life time of the tool
Exchangeable power cord
Electric brake of motor and pad brake, for easy and safe usage
Vibration reduction system, minimizes the vibrations for your main application
Improved backing pad, for an outstanding dust removal

Ergonomic Features:

Low profile and low weight
Symmetrical machine – easy to switch between right and left hand
More space for ring finger and little finger – more relaxed and controlled grip
Longer body enables optional two-hand grip
Easy start/stop function with lever controlled operation


Power (Peak) 400 W
Input Voltage 110 VAC
DC Voltage to Sander 22 VDC
Variable Speed (Two Mode: On/Off or Throttle) 4,000-10,000 rpm
Orbit 3/16” (5.0mm)
Size of Backing Pad (5/16” x 24 threaded mount) 5” (125mm)
Weight 2.2 lbs (998g)
Sound Level 71 dB(A)