Backup 5” Multi-hole Grip‐Faced Soft Sanding Pad

915SGV28, Mirka 5” Multi‐Hole Grip‐Faced Soft Backing Pad, Qty.1

This backing pad is designed to provide the optimal dust extraction when used with Mirka’s net abrasive products, or ‐647 series 5” abrasive discs with an 8+8+1 hole pattern. It can also be used with conventional 8 hole grip backed discs or competitive products using an 8+1 hole pattern. This is the replacement pad that is used on the Mirka®DEROS, Mirka®CEROS and PROS sanding machines. The pad is rated for use on sanders with a maximum speed of 13,000 rpm, and uses a standard 5/16”‐24 threaded attachment.