Mirlon Total 4.5" x 9" Sanding Pad

18-118-447 Mirka Mirlon Total 4-1/2 in. x 9 in. Very Fine (Red) Scuff Pad, 360 grit Qty. 20

Mirlon TotalTM has been developed using Mirka innovative Total CoatingTM Technology.

The new technology makes Mirlon TotalTM extremely aggressive, although it is thinner, more open and flexible than its forerunner. The reinforced fibres make Mirlon TotalTM both strong and durable. The dense scratch pattern makes the tension on the sanding surface smaller, optimising the painting result.

- Dense scratch pattern and fast sanding result
- Aggressive
- Available in grits (360,1500,2500)


- Grain Aluminium oxide (VF)
- Silicon Carbide (UF,MF)
- Bonding Resin
- Color Red (VF),Grey (UF),Beige (MF)
- Grit range VF 360, UF 1500, MF 2500