Add some Color to your life.

Cincinnati Color Company
has been in business over 75 years to help our customers do just that. From our own line of manufactured paints, Town & Ranch Paint, to our lines of other top line quality paints and coatings, we’re here to make your painting needs easier and more covenient.
We believe in quality, customer satisfaction and a personal approach.

Quality -- Quality in every product we make and every product we sell.

Customer Satisfaction -- From industry professionals, such as contractors and architects, to the home consumer who just wants to paint a room – we believe satisfying each customers’ needs is the key to doing business.

Personal Approach -- At Cincinnati Color, you’re not just a sale, you’re a commitment. We listen and try to understand your product needs, business or personal, then we make sure you can count on us to meet them.

So the next time you need to add some color to your life, think of Cincinnati Color Company.

Cincinnati Color Company
Downtown Store

1027 Dalton Street
Cincinnati, OH 45203
phone: 513-241-1090
fax: 513-241-1096

Dalton Hours
7:00 am - 5:30 pm Mon -Fri
8:00 am - 4:00pm Sat.